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Important Notice! - Skating Time Change!


February 1, 2020 - Skating Time Change

Please note the time change for skating on Saturday, February 1, 2020:

7:15-8:05- star 1
9:15-10:05-can skate.
Our apologies for the late notice.  There is NO Skating tomorrow morning.  The zamboni had a mechanical issue and there has been an antifreeze spill over the ice surface.  As a result, the ice will not be suitable for skating in the morning.

New Logo

New Logo for Tillsonburg Skating Club created by one of our own!

Congratulations on creating the new Tillsonburg Skating Club Logo Mackenzie.

Not too long ago all skating members had the opportunity to submit a new logo.

Thank you to all who submitted their creative designs.

If you want the club logo on a vest similar to what is pictured here, worn by Mackenzie, you can get the forms in the Skating Board Office.



Makenzie Logo

TSC Logo