An Information Guide On Private Lessons

How do I choose a Private Coach?

  • Ask around.  Do you know someone whose child is taking private lessons?  Ask a Board Member.
  • Contact potential coaches to arrange an interview.
  • Come out and watch a private lesson session.
  • See skaters and coaches in action.
  • Coaches may specialize in certain areas; including technical (freeskate/skills) and dance.

When selecting a private coach, skating families should consider the following:

  • Arrangements for private and semi-private lessons are made directly between the skater’s family and the professional coach.  Fees are payable directly to the private coach.
  • Availability: Does the coach have time during the day and session you require?
  • What are the skater’s objectives and how many lessons per week are needed to achieve these goals?
  • Coaching rates: How much does the coach charge per private lesson?
  • Does the coach’s philosophy match that of the skater?  Coaches have different strategies with respect to competitions, tests, etc.
  • Personality of the skater: Keep in mind that the coach and skater typically form a long-lasting relationship.
  • To avoid disappointment, the Tillsonburg Skating Club recommends that you book private lessons well in advance and always confirm with the coach if you are returning for another skating season.

Who Can Take Private Lessons?     Anyone Can!

Skaters from beginner (CanSkate) through to the highest competitive level can, and do, benefit from private instruction.

Why Private Lessons?
Skaters and parents choose private lessons for a variety of reasons.  Here are a few!

  • To help CanSkaters progress through the CanSkate program more quickly.
  • To help skaters understand their individual strengths and to target and improve areas of weakness.
  • To assist skaters entering the test stream or skaters wishing to enter skating competitions.
  • While group lessons teach the entire group, private lessons allow the coach to teach specifically to your child’s current needs, weaknesses and strengths.

When are Private Lessons offered?
Private lessons are taught on group lesson time (i.e. during CanSkate and StarSkate).  They are generally 15 minute sessions.  Your coach will work with you to find the best time.